ICESNOW 10T/day Ice Flake Machine New Designed Low Energy

Flake ice machine features; Automatic monitoring system: Intelligentized PLC control, don’t need to arrange people to monitor the machine Emergency Alarm: It makes you know immediately once the emergency happens Cable Channel: All the wires packed in stainless steel channel, protects the wire, also makes the machine look neat and tidy Evaporator Drum: Use stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrominum. The scartch-style system of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power comsumption, exquisite welding and processing technology ensure high-efficent heat transfer and energy saving.

Products Details

Name Technical Data Name Technical Data
Ice production 10ton/day Cooling tower power 1.5KW
Refrigeration capacity 56034 Kcal Water pump power of cooling tower 3.7KW
Evaporating temp. -20℃ Standard Power 3P-380V-50Hz
Condensing Temp. 40℃ Inlet water pressure 0.1Mpa-0.5Mpa
Total Power 46.3kw Refrigerant R404A
Compressor Power 40KW Flake ice Temp. -5℃
Reducer Power 0.75KW Feeding water tube size 1"
Water pump Power 0.37KW Dimension of flake ice machine 3320×1902×1840mm
Brine Pump 0.012KW Ice storage room capacity 5Ton
Net weight 1970kg Dimension of ice storage room 2500×3000×2000mm

Technical Data Of Flake Ice Machine


1. Questions before quotation A. Would you make ice from seawater, saltwater or freshwater? B. Where and when would the machine be installed roughly?The ambient temperature and water inlet temperature? C. What’s the power supply? D. What is the application of the flake ice produced? E. Which cooling mode would you prefer to? Water or air ,Evaporative cooling?   2. Installation & commissioning A. Installed by customers according to the manuals, online instructions and live video conference of ICESNOW. B. Installed by ICESNOW engineers. a. ICESNOW would arrange 1~3 engineers based on the projects to the installation sites for the final supervision of all installations and commissioning. b. Customers need to provide local accommodation and round-trip ticket for our engineers and pay for the commissions. US Dollars 100 per engineer per day. c. Power, water, installation tools and spare parts need to be ready before ICESNOW engineers arrive.   3. Warranty & Technical support A. 1 year after Bill of Lading date. B. Any failure occurred within the period due to our responsibility, ICESNOW will supply the spare parts for free. C. ICESNOW provide full technical support and training courses after equipment installation and commissioning. C. Permanent technical support & consultation all life long for the machines. D. Over 30 engineers for instant after-sale services and more than 20 are available for serving overseas. 365 days X 7 X 24 hours phone / EMAIL assistance   4. Failure Claim procedures a. Detailed written failure description is required by fax or by mail, indicating the relevant equipment information and detailed description of failure. b. Relevant pictures are required for failure confirmation. c. ICESNOW engineering and after-sales service team will check and form a diagnosis report. d. Further trouble-shooting solutions will be offered to customers within 24 hours after receiving the written description and pictures

International Brand famous components

Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
Compressor Screw Hanbell Taiwan
Ice Maker Evaporator ICESNOW China
Water cooled condenser ICESNOW
Refrigeration components DANFOSS/CASTAL Demark/Italy
PLC Program control LG (LS) South Korea
Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea

Advantages of Icesnow flake ice machine

1. Microcomputer Intelligent Control: the machine using world famous brand components. Meanwhile, it can protect the machine when there are a water shortage, ice full, high/ low-pressure alarm, and motor reversal. 2. Evaporator drum: use stainless steel 304 or carbon steel chrome for the evaporator drum. The scratch-style system of inside machine ensures constant running at the lowest power consumption, exquisite welding, and processing technology ensures high-efficient heat transfer and energy saving. 3. Ice skates: Spiral hob with small resistance and low consumption, ice making evenly without noise 4. Refrigeration unit: main components all from the leading refrigeration technology countries: the United States, Germany, Japan, etc. 5. Microcomputer intelligent control: the machine is using PLC control system with world famous brand components, which control the whole ice making process, meanwhile it can protect the machine when there are water shortage, ice full, high/ low-pressure alarm, and motor reversal in order to guarantee the machine run stable with fewer faults.

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