ICESNOW 20Ton/Day Seawater Flake Ice Machine Commercial For Frozen Seafood

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1.The sea water flake ice machine is divided into two forms for marine and land use. 2.The user directly extracts seawater ice-making and condenser circulating water from the sea. 3 .Referance power supply is dynamice electricity with 380v /50HZ, however, If necessary, It can be changed into 60hz/220v/200v/440v/400v/415V/480V according to different requirement of clients. 4.The evaporator was made from SUS316, anti-corrosion and rust by seawater. 5.whether the spare parts are easy to find in locally yes, we use famous and steady refrigeration components and it is also common model in locally and way to find and replace.

Main Features


1.No need for personnel operation, one-key control, automatic monitoring, no need for frequent maintenance, which greatly saves manpower and material resources. 2.Strong and Durable parts.All compressor and refrigerant parts are world first class. 3.Low energy consumption.Energy consumption saving reaches more than 30% compare with traditional equipment. 4.High quality material.The evaporator drum are made of stainless steel 316 material,which is anti-rust and anti-corrosion. 5.316 Stainless steel: The seawater flake ice machine is made of anti-corrosion 316 stainless steel, could be installed on board directly, the inclination angle could reach 35℃ degrees above,while keeping water circulating without over-flowing, keeping machine running normally. Using sea water to make ice directly, then the ice drops into cabin. This will reduce the loading of the boat, save energy. 6.Energy-saving and environmental protection technology 7.Innovative technology The sea water ice machine is more advanced than fresh water ice machine, and has higher technical requirement, it needs to meet three conditions: It is resistant to seawater corrosion, and the surface in contact with sea water must be made of anti-corrosion materials. Anti-wind and wave is required. The fishing boat will be bumpy and uneven when sailing, so that the water supply system needs to by splash-proof when making ice. Due to unevenness of fishing boat, there is oil return problem in the compressor on the ice machine, we need to make sure the residual lubricating oil in the system balance back into the compressor. If the oil return amount is insufficient for a long time, the compressor will be damaged. 10 Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine Commercial Ice Flaker 3

Product Decription:

1.The ice produced is in the form of flakes, the thickness can reach 2.5mm, it is dry without powder, and the ice temperature can reach -10℃; 2.Using seawater to make ice and condense refrigerant directly. 3.The special ice scraping method has passed the patent application, so that the fishing boat can hang ice normally at 35 degrees in harsh environment; 4.Compact design, simple refrigeration system, optional overall or distributed arrangement; 5.Anti-shake design, could bear 30 degrees tilting on-board. 10 Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine Commercial Ice Flaker 0 10 Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine Commercial Ice Flaker 1 10 Ton Seawater Flake Ice Machine Commercial Ice Flaker 2

Product Advantage:

1. What's the voltage of the ice machine? Answer: Standard voltage: 380V-50Hz-3phase, other speccial voltage can be customized also, like: 220V-60Hz-3pase, 415V-50Hz-3phase, 480V-60Hz-3phase. 2. How about the cooling way? Answer: Usually small ice machines are air cooling, medium and large ice machines are water cooling. 3. How long is your warranty? Answer: 2 years, and Lifelong after-sales service and technical support. 4.Is sample order available?
Yes, samples is available, but the sample cost and postage charge is on buyer's account.

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