ICESNOW 30T/day Containerized Flake Ice Machine for large-scale hydropower stations

ICESNOW containerized ice-making plant is mainly designed and produced for large-scale hydropower stations, high-speed railways, nuclear power plants and other large-scale concrete pouring program which need a large amount of ice.

Products Details

Name of Components Brand Name Original Country
Compressor Screw Hanbell Taiwan
Ice Maker Evaporator ICESNOW China
Water cooled condenser ICESNOW
Refrigeration components DANFOSS/CASTAL Demark/Italy
PLC Program control LG (LS) South Korea
Electrical components LG (LS) South Korea

International Brand famous components

 About ICESNOW ice flake making plant

ICESNOW  has the answer for customers who need ice plants that are easy to install and can be moved from place to place a popular ICESNOW ice system installed in 40-foot cargo containers. ICESNOW containerized ice-making plant mainly includes: containerized ice-making unit, containerized storage, automatic ice rake institutions system, automatic ice translation system, automatic control systems, metering systems. An additional pre-cooling system of aggregate maybe need to added according to the project. ICESNOW containerized ice-making plant integrates ice-making container units and electrical control system into a unified international standard-size container which is easy for transportation, installation and commissioning. Air-conditioning system inside of the container ensures equipment in good working condition and maintenance condition. Generally, a 40 feet standard container can make a flake ice machine with maximum capacity of 60T/Day. The container is brand new and consists of two sizes,20 feet or 40 feet. All our containers comply with the ISO standard.

Main brands on Icesnow flake ice machine:

ICESNOW containerized ice-making system’s advantages:

8. Movable Icesnow containerized ice plant is easily transportable by truck or rail, making it particularly useful in remote locations, or those that need to move ice making facilities from one project site to another. 9. Convenient transportation The cargo container is suitable for ocean container shipping and it saves the operation of packing into or taking out the ice machine from the container. Thus it prevents the ice plant from getting damaged during the long-distance transportation. 10. High-quality cargo container The flake ice machine is installed into ISO certified standard ocean freight container. With decent modification to reinforce the structure, the container is ready to handle heavy machines in operating, lifting and transporting. PVC coated cargo container makes sure the ice machine inside is sheltered form the wind and rain. 11. Stable operating environment The container provides a relatively closed operating environment and maintains the appropriate inside temperature. It ensures the stable and efficient ice making process. 12. Compact & Space-saving All equipments are installed in the container compactly, making the most of the internal space of the container. Compared with installing the non-containerized ice making machine on the workshop, the containerized ice maker saves much space. It only takes about 13.2m2(20ft container) and 26.4m2(40ft container) totally. 13. Main components are imported from U.S.A, German; 14. Most reasonable price compare over with the high quality and performance; 15. Intelligent control by PLC control system 16. Evaporator with fixed vertical design is made of SUS304 OR carbon steel with high heat transfer efficiency and surface chrome-plated. 17. Screw designed scraper, features low resistance, low consumption, and no noise.1. Using screw or piston compressor, water cooling tower or evaporative condenser. 2. Using fully automated monitoring system, remote control system and dynamic touch-screen control system. 3. Crawler-type ice raking system, screw delivery system or air delivery system achieve fully automated ice delivery. 4. The main structure is rust-proof galvanized steel and stainless steel, all the axle lubricant FAD and USDA accord with sanitary standard. 5. Screw ice delivery system is able to achieve multi-point operation at the same time.6. Cost-saving There is no need for construction of workshop so it saves the initial investment, labor cost and time a lot. Besides, the whole system is completely installed in the container, fully automatic so that very minor labor is needed for both operation and installation. 7. Easy installation Pre-assembled and well-tested ice plants installed in 20ft or 40ft containers are ready for connection to water and electricity. No complicated on-site installation work is needed at all. Once filled with refrigerant, the machine can start immediately after being connected to water and electricity.

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