Factory-Made ICESNOW 20Tons/day Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine for Fisher with CE Certification

We are a CE certified factory manufacturing the high-capacity ICESNOW Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine, ideal for fisher industry. Get 20 tons/day output!

Products Details

Our factory proudly presents the {ICESNOW 20Tons/day Direct Cooling Block Ice Machine for fisher CE Certificate}, a top-notch product designed to meet the specific needs of fishers. As a leading manufacturer, we ensure the provision of high-quality machines with advanced technology. This ice machine directly cools and forms ice blocks, catering to the requirements of fish preservation and transportation. With a massive production capacity of 20 tons per day, this efficient machine guarantees a steady supply of ice. Additionally, it holds a CE Certificate, assuring its compliance with strict quality and safety standards. Trust us for all your block ice machine needs!

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